Distributed Control Systems & PLC's

Your power plant, water desalination unit or oil refinery have one thing in common. They all rely on their DCS/PLC's to keep their operation in business, reliability of these system are a key factor in making a profit for you business.


Evolve Automation has experience in a variety of systems ranging from Siemens S7 and PCS7 up to Emerson Ovation, in classical setup and virtual. We can assist you in your needs with keeping your systems in their best shape for a reliable operation. Our engineers will provide you with a complete report of the activities performed, in a well documented format. With recommendations for the future if required.


Engineering services for these systems are a possibility where our engineers can assist in. These services range from networks and links such as Profibus DP/PA and or Modbus up to controller cabinets or software. Please get in touch if you would have any specific requests. 

Safety Instrumented System

Does your DCS system has an embedded SIS system? This is no issue for our engineers, from engineering to proof testing. A range of activities can be offered for your support, please request more information for our services.

Virtualization in Process Automation

Virtualization is getting more and more a commodity in the process automation systems, finding their way from proven IT technology. Virtualization has multiple benefits, ranging from getting a higher efficiency from your equipment and hours spend for your administrator. Down to lifetime extension for your legacy control system, there are limitations to virtualization in the process world which can’t be copied directly from your IT department. From this point of view Evolve Automation can provide you with expert advice in you virtualization plans and implementation based on VMWare vSphere, from a small scale virtual host to a high availability cluster. Please get in contact with Evolve Automation to discuss you virtual needs.