Keeping Instrumentation Under Control

How do you keep track of all your settings for you instrumentation? Do you know exactly if the settings are still the same as you left them the last time? Those are only some questions why company’s are choosing to utilize database systems with connection via HART protocol to their field instruments. Certain programs such like AMS Device Manager can provide real-time information about the status and settings of each instrument embedded in combination with Emerson Ovation or DeltaV, with a lot more options being available for other systems. Would like to learn more on the possibilities on your site? Please contact us for more information.  


For integration of the Smart Wireless Gateway 1420 in a Emerson Ovation control system, Evolve Automation can be available for you to provide this service. In such a way that the gateway will be completely embedded in Ovation, this will be elimination a separate Wireless Gateway license for AMS Device Manager. 

Profibus DP & PA integration in Emerson Ovation

Are you in the possession of an Emerson Ovation DCS system and requiring a expansion for instrumentation, but you don’t like to invest money on pulling big multicore cables?


Evolve Automation can assist you in getting your Profibus PA segment set up, which will enable you on saving on cabling costs. This can be done via a PEPPEL+FUCHS Profibus DP/PA converter, this way you can combine your DP segment with a PA segment and extending your capacity of the system at a minimal cost.